Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Free Gift/Surprise

I suggest that you join AskPaulinaGirls; Paulina has reached the 50 thousand mark and apparently all members of her club will get a gift / surprise... this is what she wrote wrote:

Hello all my wonderful members!
The good news is: we have reached our 50 thousand mark, and we will soon be receiving a special gift just for members.
The bad news: I've been reading the topics here to catch up, and have been discouraged to find the club I made to function as a big sister is being used to sometimes bully and offend. This club is for me a kind of an experiment, really.
I wanted this club to be a friend, a friend that listens to your problems without a judgement, or at least with many different judgements, so you can make up your own mind. This is why I don't want to ban any members. I'm really truly hoping that if those of us who care, and behave with kindness and respect, will outnumber those who don't, and at the same time, teach those that there are alternative ways to behave by EXAMPLE.
I also think that those members who come here to get BAD attention probably need help even more than those of us who ask.

Cya xx

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