Friday, 10 April 2009


There's a free Queen's day tee for you, if you follow these instrucions.. I think it's only ment for users from Netherlands, but if you do the following, you get it anyway..:

1. Go to (it's a Nederlander proxy )

2. Type in the adress bar on the top of the page

3. Press Surf!

4. Log on to your stardoll account
5. On the top of the page, paste this link into the web address bar:
..and press Surf!
6. As soon as you get to the Koninginnedag page (or in other words, the orange page), scroll down 'til you see the ''Doe Mee'' button.

7. Click it

8. Go back to your suite, and you got the t-shirt!

Enjoy xox

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