Tuesday, 17 December 2013

I have some good new and some bad news
First the bad new for you guys.
I don't really go on Stardoll anymore so this is why I haven't posted anything in a while. If I ever do go back I will continue to post but it won't be as frequent as before.

However some good news also follows!
If any of you want me to advertise your stardoll to get more friends or a blog I will consider doing it depending on how many people want me to.
Write a comment below stating your stardoll name and what country you are from or if you want me to advertise your blog then comment below (it can be anything, doesn't have to relate to stardoll)

And finally I want to say a big THANK YOU to all those that supported me and went on my blog and made it a big success!

Thanks guys :D


  1. hey, I was wondering if you could advertise the "I heart it" project in my yearbook, username is zack999cool, thanks a lot :D

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  3. heyy, can you please advertise my blog HijabiBeautyUK. It is all about make-up, clothes, shoes and lots of other stuff

    thank you

  4. add ily4evs5 please!
    and ask people to follow my tumblr!!!!

  5. Hey! Could you advertise my stardoll? Its: SingingSister2 from UK. Thanks! <3 xx

  6. Plz ADVERTISE ME zandz445 thx xoxo

  7. Plz advertise me PrettyGalHeart1. I also need hearts on my yearbook :) Thanks

  8. plz advertise me! USERNAME: ifrahdolly

  9. Hey! Great blog you got here.
    My Stardoll name is ReneeGoldenStar. I am from Australia ;-).

    I was wondering if you could please advertise and my club OneRing? It's for all fans of Tolkien/Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit/The Silmarillion. :D

    Thanks, I hope you have time.
    Best wishes,

  10. Hey.:)
    My doll is NickCunhaBaby....I'm from Bazil... and well, I need help on my yearbook... can you please help me?
    *it's a nice blog*

  11. Hey!I am eliz..2001 and I am from Cyprus!Well I want more friends and members in my club !Thnx :) I love this blog

  12. Hi!! I'm totallytylerx on star doll..I had a really great account before, but then I got hacked so now I am starting fresh..if people could friend me and check out my page, as well as give me some tips to get me back to where I was, that would be amazing!