Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Okayy, so i'm having a competition because i need a new logo for my blog.
what yuu have to do is design a simple logo for stardoll-freestuff.

  • it has to include the name (stardoll-freestuff)
  • the name has to be seen clearly
  • it has to be quite simple
  • it has to have 2 or 3 (no more no less) different colours in it (preferably purple and black)
  • it has to be quite small
The winner will receive a gift from me on stardoll and i will use their design as my new logo :)

send in your designs to glamglam5000@hotmail.com
in the email please include:
  • the subject 'stardoll-freestuff logo'
  • your name
  • your stardoll name
  • your country
Good Luck :)

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