Sunday, 28 June 2009

Free stuff if you join...

The Jonas Brothers club. You will recive gifts when the club has a certain number of members.. But.. It's once again not open for everyone to join.. (I think it's only the US or UK). So what you need to do to join is:

1. Go to [[click the link to go stright there]]

2. Paste in the browser and browse it

3. Log in to your account

4. Go to clubs and search for a club named Jonas Brother

6. Join the club

7. You have to quickly click on JOIN CLUB otherwise it might not work

Note; If you can't join , you can ask me for help.

Enjoy xoxox


  1. i did what you said but i didn't get anything.. what do you get anyway??

  2. I couldn't join...would you mind helping me please? Like, the join button doesn't even come up..Help?