Wednesday, 13 May 2009

New Shops!

First of all sorry for not writing anything for ages but there was nothing exciting going on in Stardoll. Secondly check this out...

There's a new shop at the Starplaza! It's called DIY boutique and the concept is that you could create you own dress out of half dresses and such. They also sell studs, buttons, roses and safety pins. [unfortunetley only for superstars]

I just also found this, it's two new dresses that are available in the Starplaza. The prize tags says that they are from a store called "Red Carpet style" or something like that! Maybe it's another new store. Hopefully

Hope it helps xox


  1. I don't mean to be rude, or maybe I am, but you stole my post from the blog Stardoll Fanatic!
    This entire post is exactly like mine, and so are the pictures, exept that you put a mark on them.
    I think that what you have done is really rude and I find it quite irritating that you couldn't even credit me.
    Don't you have some imagination yourself?
    Even the misspelling is the same!
    To check out the REAL post:

  2. Your such a cheater! This is your blog so you should find the cheats out yourself! You could at least give credit to whoever you copied it off you liar! Doesn't it just hurt you inside but whatever, you deserve it!

  3. LIAR stardoll fanatic blogspot is wayy better you just copy stuff like you couldn't be bothered to change anything!!! Why don't you look on google for some info on free stuff? OR quit the blog!

  4. OMG ! You just coied everythingg from Stardoll fanatic you are the worst writer ever!

  5. You shouldn't copy all the info off Stardoll Fanatic! FYI, they're blog is better and provides REAL info, not copied! u should find out stuff on google or sumthing! but copying is just rude and also disrespectful when u don't give credit to them. You are so rude, that ellyevans even created a post on Stardoll Fanatic, to explain what you copied! Shouldn't you feel guilty? the writers on SF actually put effort into finding about the info and post it, not copy it like u do! stop it, or we will have to do sumthing about it!

  6. ok maybe not everyone nows about stardoll fanatic thats why she wanted everyone to know about new free stuff or new things that appear in stardoll i'm not supporting copying peoples blogs and stuff but i bet half of the people that are on this page don't know about stardoll fanatic and i don't think u should be blaming her for the pics cus if i wanted to do a pic of diy i would do a pic of the same page in the same way but i dont know if she did copy off ginnycee